Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Money Without Being Perfect

Making Money Online Without Being Perfect (or Spending A Fortune!)
I've always been fascinated that you can make money in business without being perfect. Like horseshoes, just being close can make you a big winner.
I wish they had taught me this in a business class. I would have succeeded sooner. I've learned this from long experience.
I understand now that taking action makes me money. Trying to be perfect just makes me frustrated!
I think new people are often intimidated as they start a business, especially an Internet business. They're trying to learn everything and struggling to understand mountains of information. In the face of all that, it's easy to be overwhelmed and never really get started.
After all, if you can't understand everything and do a perfect job, you probably  shouldn't get started at all, right? (Sure... just give up on the idea of your own home based business and financial freedom and independence!)
Wrong! Very, very wrong.
The old saying, as I'm sure you've heard, goes like this: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." The implication is that you should not attempt anything unless you can do it perfectly.
I am adamantly opposed to this idea. First, because I know there's a ton of things I do that are less than perfect, but are important to me anyway.
Some I do for pleasure - like playing golf. I'm nowhere close to perfect, but I enjoy the game.
Others I do for business - many of these pursuits don't work perfectly or, sometimes, even well. But, most of them make me money in spite of the imperfections.
My second objection is that the idea of never attempting anything unless we'll achieve perfection simply boils down to never attempting much of anything at all. Truly, achieving perfection in any one pursuit is the achievement of a lifetime.
One of the many reasons I love doing business on the Internet is the huge margin for error that exists. I can make a lot of mistakes and still profit. Your overhead (fixed costs) to be in business online is a $100 or less per month including your web hosting, merchant fees, etc.
To break even, we just have to make back that $100. Of course, all the money above the $100 mark is profit that goes in our pockets.
When we advertise our business, we won't always get it right the first or second time. But, even a bad ad will bring in some money. If you spend $100 to run an ad, you'll rarely lose the entire $100 unless you have a horrible ad being run to a completely incorrect list. A marginal ad will usually make you a profit.
A good ad will bring you huge profits. A great ad will bring you riches.
We all have to work to refine the good ads, but we get to make money even when we are testing and refining.
To make money, we don't need to be perfect. We just need to be taking consistent action to build our businesses.
Yours in success,
Shawn M. Casey

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